The Bitter Truth Jerry Thomas Own Decanter

The Bitter Truth Jerry Thomas Own Decanter


Size: 200ml

Alcohol%: 30%


Country of Origin: Germany

  • The professor would be proud. Although we`re not sure he would know what cider candies smell like, since we don’t know if they existed in the 1860s. He might recognize, however, crystallized ginger and the oils of fresh tangerine and almonds seeping through. We`re sure he’d have known that it tastes of dried fruit with a finish of orange peel and a light sprinkling of Angostura bark. This homage is as characterful as its namesake, so join in, get experimental and doff your hat to the man who brought us the first ever published cocktail book. In honor of professor Jerry Thomas, formerly the principal bartender at the Metropolitan Hotel, New York and the Planters House, St. Louis.l

    The Bitter Truth Jerry Thomas’ Own Decanter Bitters is based on a recipe by Professor Jerry Thomas (1830-1885), who is considered to be the most important bartender of the 19th century. Of course the original recipe was not slavishly reproduced, but its formula was improved to comply with today’s discerning taste demands.