MONIN Pink Grapefruit Syrup

MONIN Pink Grapefruit Syrup


Size: 700ml

Country of Origin: France

  • Striking in both colour and taste, this grapefruit flavour is slightly sweeter than standard grapefruits. The tangy-sweetness of MONIN Pink Grapefruit syrup makes it an irresistible addition to Italian sodas, daiquiris and cocktails.

    MONIN Pink Grapefruit syrup was made for icing, mixing or shaking into cocktails, mocktails or sodas.

  • Subtle smell of fresh pink grapefruit with notes of grapefruit peel and flower. Sweet and juicy taste, refreshing harmony between bitterness and acidity of pink grapefruit.

    MONIN Pink Grapefruit syrup will allow you to create incomparable drinks such as muddles, martinis, fruit punches, teas and many more. One of my favourite uses is muddled drinks. When using citrus fruits, it really enhances the juicy taste of MONIN Pink Grapefruit syrup.