MONIN Pineapple syrup

MONIN Pineapple syrup


Size: 700ml

Country of Origin: France

  • Once upon a time tropical explorers enjoyed the tangy sweetness of this island fruit. MONIN Pineapple syrup can be served up in an ice-cold concoction or in a frozen blend that will whisk you away.

    MONIN Pineapple syrup adds a touch of the tropics to many frozen drinks, sodas and teas.

  • Nose: Fresh pineapple

    Attack: Juicy and fresh taste of pineapple

    Length in Mouth: Fruity with acidulated note

    With its true tropical taste MONIN Pineapple syrup brings you the opportunity to create many different kinds of recipes. One of my favourite uses is to mix it with MONIN Spicy syrup in a martini cocktail, in order to get a smooth and slightly spicy cocktail.