MONIN Melon syrup

MONIN Melon syrup


Size: 700ml

Country of Origin: France

  • Orange with a tinge of yellow makes this melon reminiscent of a beautiful sunset. Use MONIN Melon syrup to add a splash of colour to any frozen drink, specialty cocktail, or even gazpacho.

    MONIN Melon syrup provides a rich tangy flavour and colour to lemonades, teas, sodas and cocktails.

  • Nose: Sweet Cavaillon melon smell

    Attack: Ripe melon taste

    Length in Mouth: Flowery note

    Our Honeydew melon syrup is juicy, sweet, and uniquely flavoured. It is perfect for juice based cocktails. But let me give you one different direction: combine it with Amaretto, espresso and milk and you will have an amazing trendy latte.