MONIN Lychee syrup

MONIN Lychee syrup


Size: 700ml

Country of Origin: France

  • The delicate, floral-perfumed juiciness of the Chinese lychee exemplifies the flavour of the Far East. Mix in MONIN Lychee syrup to add its sweet, exotic, melon-like flavour to iced teas, cocktails, sodas and smoothies.

    MONIN Lychee syrup brings exotic perfumed sweetness to lemonades, teas, smoothies and cocktails.

  • Nose: Floral and fruity smell

    Attack: Genuine slightly tart lychee taste

    Length in Mouth: Subtle citrus note

    Asian trends jump with full power into the cocktail industry, and one of my suggestions is to combine Lychee with Rose and you will definitely bring the taste of the night of Far East cultures.