MONIN Blueberry syrup

MONIN Blueberry syrup


Size: 700ml

Country of Origin: France

  • Blueberries burst with delicate flavour, a distinct, mild sweetness and hint of tartness that stars in cobblers, jams, muffins, and even stands alone. MONIN Blueberry syrup brings the essence of ripe blueberries to fragrant fruity cocktails, smoothies and dessert drinks.

    MONIN Blueberry syrup is the featured flavour in ‘berrylicious’ teas, lemonades, sodas and cocktails.

  • Nose: Wild blueberry smell

    Attack: Sweet natural blueberry juice flavour

    Length in Mouth: Tart blueberry skin

    Try to combine MONIN Blueberry syrup with MONIN Dark Chocolate sauce and milk and you will have a delicious 'Black Forest' drink.