L'OR de Jean Martell

L'OR de Jean Martell


Size: 700ml

Alcohol%: 40%


Country of Origin: France

  • A veritable effusion of sensations marked by a light, sylph-like quality for all its length. Much like a familiar, melodious symphony of fresh citrus notes, fruit, gingerbread and precious wood, in which the senses answer each other in subtle echoes. Aspect: Deep amber with hints of shimmering mahogany.


    Nose: The freshness of oriental notes: Bergamot and orange peel. Full-fruit harmony of dark berries and blackcurrants (bud, leaf and flower). Gingerbread notes: Clove and cinnamon embraced by sweet vanilla.


    Oriental forests: Woody notes of myrrh, undergrowth and rancio.


    Mouthfeel: Silky-smooth and subtle attack, followed by richer, more substantial flavours. Harmonious notes of blackcurrant and woodland undergrowth encounter tones of gingerbread and orange peel. The Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie bring strength and structure. An exquisite, lingering finish or “peacock’s tail” effect.


    An exceptional cognac to savour neat, for a sensory experience like no other.