Kirk & Sweeney 23yrs Rum

Kirk & Sweeney 23yrs Rum


Size: 700ml

Alcohol%: 40%


Country of Origin: Dominican Republic

  • Looking at its deep amber and iridescent copper colour, it’s clear this Kirk and Sweeney 23 Reserva is uniquely charming. Its nose teases with toasty, dried fruits and a hint of honey and toffee, while the taste delights through and evolving sensation of fruit, vanilla and sherry.

    Aroma: The aroma presents subtle notes of dried fruits and sweet, toasted breads, along with a base toffee, fresh honey and caramelized sugar. You can also appreciate a faint hint of almonds and vanilla.

    Taste: This rum is as pleasantly complex as the nose would suggest, offering a rich evolution on on the mouth–from fresh, sweet sensations to dried fruits.

    Finish: Finishing off each decadent sip, you’ll find endnotes that range from a distinct caramel, to sherry, to a well-balanced blend of almond and vanilla.