Jinzu Gin

Jinzu Gin


Size: 700ml

Alcohol%: 41.3%

Country of Origin: England

  • Fleshy citrus jumps to the fore on the nose, with the sake bringing an underlying sweetness. The cherry blossom carries a distinct floral note, but there’s a subtle juniper underpinning it all.

    Tasted neat, Jinzu Gin is mild, easy to sip and to hold on the tongue. It’s altogether quite unfamiliar as a spirit, though notably still a ginny with a long finish and a strong enough juniper backbone that carries all the way through to the aftertaste. The yuzu brings a fresh, mandarin-like citrus and the sake provides a creamy mouthfeel and a taste which bites right at the end. The cherry blossom, too, holds strong in the mouth – it’s not sweet and not herbal, rather it sits somewhere in-between.

    It’s a gin that does well to be progressive without being offensive; it’s very much still a juniper-focused gin with a strong coriander seed spice, but it’s something new that will appeal to both traditionalists as well as those who like their gin to be a little more adventurous.