Jagermeister Herbs

Jagermeister Herbs


Size: 700ml/1L

Alcohol%: 35%

Country of Origin: Germany

  • According to Jagermeister website, below are the ingredient that made the Jagermeister:



    Star Anise - The sharp sweetness is highly potent in both taste and aroma, making this the star of the show.

    Cinnamon - The comforting familiarity of the sweetest spice invites a sense of festivity to the finish of our shot.

    Licorice Root - With a flavor less divisive than licorice candy, this sweet and earthy root grounds our elixir like a lightning rod.



    Bitter Orange - The shot borrows its marmalade-like tartness from the common orange’s more extroverted cousin.

    Chiretta - The deep bitterness of this mystical herb contributes with the richness found hiding in our dark elixir.



    Orange Peel - The fruit’s essential oils are liveliest in its peel, accenting the shot’s taste with a zest for adventure.



    Ginger - This potent root contains the full-flavored essential oils behind much of the drink’s vim and vigor.

    Galangal - Galangal.



    Clove - This treasure adds a spicy intensity to the aroma.

    Mace - Nutmeg’s golden chassis is its own lesser-known, and subtly complex, spice.

    Cardamom - The queen of spices endows the shot with floral and citric notes, unifying flavors with its warm embrace.