HWAYO Korean Premium Spirits - 41%

HWAYO Korean Premium Spirits - 41%


Size: 500ml/750ml

Alcohol%: 41%


Country of Origin: South Korea

  • The name HWAYO (火堯) was made by dividing the Chinese character ‘So’ (燒) of ‘Soju’ (燒酒).‘Hwa’ (火) means fire and ‘Yo’ (堯) means a high and noble object. Earth (土) which could be divided from Yo(堯) expresses the sprit of HWAYO.


    A perfect balance of innocence and exclusivity, HWAYO 25%


    Unlike diluted soju which relies on artificial flavor additives, HWAYO 25% showcases an absolutely smooth flavor crafted using advanced reduced-pressure distillation methods. Traditional distillation methods yield unpalatable sweet and bitter flavors due the extremely hot temperatures. HWAYO’s new method, however, reduces the internal pressure of distiller, allowing the liquor to be distilled under lower heat leaving balanced subtle flavor and aroma.