Hwayo 41% X.Premium Oak Aged Soju

Hwayo 41% X.Premium Oak Aged Soju


Size: 500ml

Alcohol%: 41%


Country of Origin: South Korea

  • The name HWAYO (火堯) was made by dividing the Chinese character ‘So’ (燒) of ‘Soju’ (燒酒).‘Hwa’ (火) means fire and ‘Yo’ (堯) means a high and noble object. Earth (土) which could be divided from Yo(堯) expresses the sprit of HWAYO.


    A perfect balance of innocence and exclusivity, HWAYO 25%


    HWAYO X.Premium is long-term aging in oak barrel and has a mature and soft quality. Combined with the rich and deep aroma of oak and the mild taste of rice to finish, HWAYO X.Premium received applause from those who tasted this rice