Estrella Galicia Gluten-Free Lager (Per Bottle)

Estrella Galicia Gluten-Free Lager (Per Bottle)

SKU: PJM-B0023

Size: 330ml Bottle

Alcohol%: 5.5%

Country of Origin: Spain

Classification: Special Lager (Gluten free)

  • The new gluten-free beer of Hijos de Rivera shows the symbol of the “crossed grain”, which certifies that the product is authorized by FACE (Federation of celiac disease associations of Spain).


    This bright golden beer is obtained by introducing an enzyme in the production process, which breaks some protein chains, being gluten one of them.


    Appearance: Bright golden colour.


    Taste: This beer displays a neutral and light taste on the palate, with a very strong hoppy tone.


    Aroma: It reminds to the taste of the barley and malt used in its production, with crispy roast notes and remembrances of dried fruits and nuts.


    Food Pairing: Cheeses, Fresh greens and vegetables, Mushrooms, Seafood, Fish stews, Chicken and rabbit meat.