Dover Yuzu 和酒 柚子

Dover Yuzu 和酒 柚子


Size: 700ml

Alcohol: 25%

Country of Origin: Japan

  • Who doesn't know it by now, the great Yuzu, the Asian citrus fruit, which has such a great aroma. The Yuzu has a centuries-old tradition in Japan and is used in Japanese cuisine in many ways. The yuzu has conquered the kitchens of top restaurants worldwide. The Dover Yuzu Liqueur brings the full taste of the yuzu into the bottle. Intense, aromatic and characteristic citrus notes meet a mature, fine acidity. This liqueur is versatile and was developed by Dover not only for the professional bar scene, but also for the production of pastries, confectionery and desserts. The liqueurs from Dover bring seasonality and the Japanese world of flavours to cocktails, gastronomy and patisserie.