Auchentoshan 18 Years Single Malt Whisky

Auchentoshan 18 Years Single Malt Whisky


Size: 700ml



Country of Origin: Scotland

  • TO THE EYE: Expect a deep golden summer barley colour to each glass of this Single Malt. What gives whisky its colour? Our careful and methodical maturing process over the course of 18 years. As the Single Malt comes into contact with the barrel, a new colour and flavour profile is created over time.


    TO THE NOSE: Fresh tobacco leaf, then some sweetness, layered with a hint of caramelised sugar, green tea and almonds. 


    TO THE TONGUE: A smooth whisky taste with a floral freshness and a burst of sweet barley at first. This gently ebbs, revealing a tangy zestness of Auchentoshan whisky. The palate is left alive and refreshed. 


    TO THE END: A long, lingering well balanced Single Malt. A dram that invigorates the senses.