Arturo Sánchez Fodder-fed 50% iberico Salchichon

Arturo Sánchez Fodder-fed 50% iberico Salchichon


Weight: ~1kg

Brand: Arturo Sánchez

  • That recipe has hardly changed in forty years, and in it there are no measurements in grams or any mechanical method for its preparation. Just the master recipe. The rest is our know-how. In this family, legacy is handed out and receive from one generation to another by word of mouth , by smelling, touching, tasting.

    Initially, it was just a present for our friends; now it’s a delicacy admired within and outside our borders. We are told that it does not resemble any other, that it’s incomparable. It has its own character because no-one else makes it the way we do. It’s also based on selected meat cuts, the drying under the dome with holm oak wood fire and the natural curing for six months.

    The rest is a mystery for those who try to copy it. For us, it’s a treasure that defines us, a homage to our history. It tastes of pure tradition and it can be recognised instantly. Authentic, pure and fine, this is a different piece, with a truly seductive personality.