Arturo Sánchez Acorn-fed 75% iberico Salchichon

Arturo Sánchez Acorn-fed 75% iberico Salchichon


Weight: ~1kg

Brand: Arturo Sánchez

  • Acorn-fed Salchichon Iberico is the expression of Arturo Sanchez’s character. It is the hardest dried sausage to elaborate and the pride of our family. The second generation of our family created it 60 years ago and its recipe is kept under lock and key.

    It is made with premium meats, which is stuffed by hand into a natural casing. After that it is smoked in hold-oak wood fire and naturally dried in our cellars in Guijuelo for at least 6 months. It differentiates from other dried sausages through the different use of spices and the more finely chopped meat.

    Its taste is defined by tradition, instantly recognisable, elegant, authentic, and a strong personality. It remains a mystery for those who want to imitate us. It is a treasure that defines us, and a tribute to our history.