Arturo Sánchez Acorn-fed 75% iberico Lomo

Arturo Sánchez Acorn-fed 75% iberico Lomo


Weight: ~1kg/80g

Brand: Arturo Sánchez

  • The intense flavor of the authentic acorn-fed iberico Lomo. Made with acorn-fed lomo, hand-marinated only with natural spices, hand-tied and dried in an oak firewood hood. It differs from the Roscal by the casing in which it is stuffed, called Fibran. The curing in natural dryers is carried out for more than six months. For this reason, they achieve that complete muscular and bone development, always in the dehesa fields, running free and feeding on the extraordinary acorns of holm oaks and cork oaks. Thus, they fatten or replenish up to 70 kg in the second montanera season. Our Acorn-Fed 75% iberico hams come from these pigs with a minimum of 36 months of curing, always in our Guijuelo drying rooms and natural cellars.