Akayane 500 Series Sansho

Akayane 500 Series Sansho


Size: 500ml

Alcohol%: 40%


Country of Origin: Japan

  • Since its establishment in 1908, we have strived to offer products that will make our customers happy. We work every day to produce products based on three forms of gratitude: Kou (Culture), U (Pot), and Han (Link). “Kou” corresponds to gratitude to Earth, “U” corresponds to gratitude to Time, and “Han” corresponds to gratitude to People.


    The striking taste of spicy “Sansho” Japanese pepper and the mild aroma of citrus make you feel as if you were breathing in the woods. *Dilute with soda water, or without mixing. Use a s a hidden flavor for cocktails. *We use Sansho cultivated without pesticides.