1906 Red Vintage “La colorada” (Case of 24 x 330ml Bottle)

1906 Red Vintage “La colorada” (Case of 24 x 330ml Bottle)

SKU: PJM-B0034

Size: 330ml x 24 Bottles

Alcohol%: 8%

Country of Origin: Spain


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  • Our brewmasters recoverd one of the old Hijos De Rivera Historic recipes, the “Especial Extra” (La Colorada) and brought it back to life. An intense Amber Lager, with a delightful caramel & roasted malt profile, subtle hop bitterness & slight warming finish.


    Appearance: An intense amber beer


    Taste: The bitterness balances the intense alcohol content and the light piquant aftertaste.


    Aroma: The balance shifts slightly in favor of malts, with pleasant sweet notes, caramel-like.


    Food Pairing: Blue cheese, Octopus (Galician style), fish and squid stew, In smoked preparations (salmon, trout), marinated in brine (sardines, anchovies), or tuna tataki, Rich and intense meat (like Iberian pork), pickled small game, strong marinades.