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Frequently asked questions

What is Pyjama Store all about?

The Pyjama Events Group has cultivated a long track record as a trusted partner for many of Hong Kong’s most iconic events and festivals, providing varied logistical services, event management and support from equipment and staff to licensing and catering. Pyjama Store is a delivery service to your home or office of products from our many suppliers and partners we have built relationships with over the past nine years.

Who does your deliveries?

Pyjama has its own in-house delivery team and fleat of vehicles and we also deliver for other online stores. Occasionally we may outsourse to a third party on days when our services are in high demand.

Your prices are very, very competative.  How do you manage that?

As the team in-charge of some the largest events in Hong Kong, we use huge quantities of products from our suppliers each year, thus allowing us to enjoy some of the best wholesale prices in the industry. Having our own delivery team allows us to minimise costs and be totally flexible. This translates into savings at checkout for you.

Awesome!  You deliver to outlying islands

Where possible, we will deliver to anywhere, but I am sure you can appriciate we may need more time or charge a little more than to our usual delivery routes. Where our vehicles cannot reach we will treat on a case-by-case basis.

What are these big events you work at then?

You can see our event portfolio by clicking here We hope to see you there!

I see you do rentals for events.  Can I mix rentals and purchases for my home/office party?

Sure, we cater to many house parties and office parties. You can see our rental equipment at our main site here Email sales@pyjamahk.com to organise the rentals and we'll give you a code to use here so that delivery is not charged twice.

I don't see many items on sale

While we don’t rule out having some items on sale from time to time, we have posted the very lowest prices already. Our philosophy is there is no need to post “normal” prices and then the “sales” price. The price you see is the very best we can offer, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better online price.

Do you sell pyjamas?

Nope - it's just our silly name for the company :)